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Parlor - Social Talking App review

Parlor is a social media app that connects random people throughout the world who don’t mind a casual convo right this minute. Just don’t mistake it with Parler — the microblogging application.

Hey, Wanna Parlay?

Parlor is a social-network app, which follows in the steps of Chart Roulette, Omegle, Bazoocam, Hey-People and other similar services. The thing is, it pairs strangers online who would like to talk with each other through text messaging, voice calls or video.

To start a conversion, you will need to select  the topic first. There’s a number of tiles containing the topics. So, you should tap one to pick it and then the app’s engine will start.

However, you don’t have to be limited to the app’s generic topics. Parlor’s rules do not forbid diverting, and you can talk about basically anything like Dallas Cowboys, Fortnite, Loneliness, Religion, Rick & Morty, and so forth.

So, when the app’s algorithms will find a person with matching or similar interests, you can have a blast of a convo. According to the authors of Parlor, there already have been two billion conversations in the app. And that with only 6 million users (!)

Loads of Permissions

Installing and running Parlor takes merely a minute and after that you can chat with people from every continent. However, the app demands a whole caboodle of permission, which includes your phone’s Gallery, Microphone, Data Storage, and so on.

Too bad, but its options aren’t that easy and flexible as the installation is. For example, you can’t really control Parlor’s volume while having a live convo — it can be frustrating, as your interlocutors may have louder voices or more sensitive microphones.

The GUI of Parlor looks a tad vintage if not outdated. It majorly reminds of the old chatrooms that still lingered around back in 2012. So, if you feel nostalgic about the era when Snapchat or IG haven’t monopolized messaging yet — you’re welcome.

Ads are another tangible drawback of Parlor. There will be a tiny banner flickering at the bottom of the app, while you search for a convo. Interstitials will invade your privacy now and then. And sadly, there seems to be no way to stop this bombardment.

Besides, there’s no Facebook integration as of now. So, if you’re concerned about fact-checking, you might look somewhere else: there’s no way to confirm a stranger’s identity.

But if you're a fan of random convos. Parlor delivers as it promises. It has what the likes of Tinder cannot offer — live face-to-face communication. Besides, if you practice foreign languages, this could be a great tool to enhance your speaking sills.


  • Easy set-up;
  • Instant conversations;
  • Global user community;


  • It’s not Parler;
  • Overkill of ads;
  • Requires way too many permissions;
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Nick Howard

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Parlor - Social Talking App

5 / 5

Author: Parlor
Latest Version: 4.4.4
Publish Date: 2019-05-22
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