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Time Based Imaging

Time based imaging is a required class for freshman in my major. Below are the three projects I completed for this class in the order in which they were completed.

Title: Disease
Description: We had to create an animation using a word assosciated with natural disasters. I got disease. The first project I did in flash at RIT. Don't be to critical, I hadn't ever touched the software before.
Completed: 9/21/2006

Title: Lyrics in Motion
Description: We had to create 3 animations to songs. This was our second project I really liked this one.
Completed: 10/17/2006

Title: Digital Toy
Description: My first taste of actionscript. We had to create a digital toy, that the user could interact with. Almost everything in this movie responds to user input so try to play around with everything.
Completed: 11/15/2006