Have you ever wondered how exactly it is that companies like Intel, and AMD actually came into existence? Or perhaps, you have wondered how exactly the creation of the microchip happened and,how did Intel make it so fast? Well, today I plan to dispell some mysteries for you. The answer to the latter of the two questions is magic. However, it is my goal to examine how Intel and AMD came into existence.

So let's take a little trip back in time (this is when we hop in our souped up delorean, and our back wheels spin out, leaving nothing but a trail of dust). In 1956 a man by the name of William Shockley created the Shockley semiconductor laboratory. Tis was the first company to work on silicon semiconductors in the area that we now call "Silicon Valley." William Shockley undertooka a venture, which was to create a silicon transistor. This idea was later scrapped for another semiconductor deevice that he had created. Apparently Mr.Shockley didn't have very good people skills; which prompted much of his development team to resign. These men later became known as the "Traitorous Eight."