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2d Design

2d Design is a class I took my freshman year of college. Below are a few projects that I thought were worth noting. The idea of the first project (first on left) was to create a piece just using letters and having the amount of letters or symbols increase as the piece continues. So the first square on the top left has 3 letters, the next one (top right) has five.

The idea of the second painting was to create a larger version of one of the squares from the first work in 3-d. I chose to re-create the square from the top left of the first work. These pieces were made using Gouache.

The third piece is a shape motif on Salvador Dali's 1944 work: one second before awakening from a dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate. I recently found this while I was going through some old stuff, I thought it was kind of interesting, not fantastic, but interesting none the less. Dali Project

2ddesign project 2ddesign projecta