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Hello, and welcome to the portfolio page of Josh Rofrano. I appreciate your visiting. I am a Senior at RIT in both the IT and New Media ID programs. I created this site as a place to experiment and as a place to put portfolio work. Here you can find projects I've done over the past few years, and my most recent works. Along with being a full time (16 credit) student I do web Developement for the Finance and Administration branch of RIT. I am part of what was formerly called the FAST-Dev team. We manage mostly all of the finweb.rit.edu system, amongst many others.

Use the navigation on the top of the page to navigate the site. On the flash site you may want to have your sound on for at least the TBI projects because they have a lot of music to accompany...(otherwise they don't really make much sense). A portion of my code is courtosy of Stu Nicholls. Who is a god at CSS and such. I also got the navigation on this page from Listmatic. There is a problem with the flash page, if you are using IE7 (which I sincerely hope you are not) the movies will not parse and will be boring). This page is pretty consistent in terms of compatibility you should be fine if you are using anything other than (IE7, and the photo page is off by a few pixels in Mozilla (not firefox just Mozilla)).

A few interesting things about this page: